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1st Battalion Herefordshire Regiment, Roll of Honour

Why is the Roll not arranged alphabetically? By arranging the roll of honour in chronological order, I hope that what is displyed here will become more than just a list. Friends and comrades who fell together are likely to be named alongside each other and the story of the regiment’s travels through Europe can be told. There is a map on the gallery page so you can locate the towns and villages listed.

If you are looking for a specific name, you can search the contents of this page by holding down the Ctrl + f and typing the name into the box that appears.

Name Date Place
Pte F. Ward28/06/1944Tourmaville
Pte V. J. Davies29/06/1944Tourmaville
L/Cpl W. A. Rycroft30/06/1944Tourmaville
Pte E. R. Higgins30/06/1944Tourmaville
Pte G. H. Cooke30/06/1944Tourmaville
Capt R. P. Barnaby01/07/1944Tourmaville
Cpl J. Curtis01/07/1944Tourmaville
Pte A. Jones01/07/1944Tourmaville
Pte C. Bell01/07/1944Tourmaville
Pte G. Lloyd01/07/1944Tourmaville
Pte J. Jones01/07/1944Tourmaville
Pte S. Evans01/07/1944Tourmaville
L/Cpl A. Evans18/07/1944Ranville
L/Cpl D. Baker18/07/1944Ranville
L/Cpl R. Carey18/07/1944Ranville
L/Cpl T. Millington18/07/1944Ranville
Pte E. Andrews18/07/1944Ranville
Pte G. Chivers18/07/1944Ranville
Pte J Morrisey18/07/1944Ranville
Pte W. Jones18/07/1944Ranville
Pte A. Jones19/07/1944Demouville
Pte B. Ritterband19/07/1944Demouville
Pte B. Skinner19/07/1944Demouville
Pte D. Finney19/07/1944Demouville
Pte W. Carberry21/07/1944Caen
Capt S. H. Boddy30/07/1944Tourmaville
L/Sjt F. Jones30/07/1944La Vacquerie
L/Sjt T. Preedy30/07/1944La Vacquerie
Pte D. Deleury30/07/1944La Vacquerie
Pte E. Sage30/07/1944La Vacquerie
Pte E. Wagg30/07/1944La Vacquerie
Pte G. Chapman30/07/1944La Vacquerie
Pte G. Lenney30/07/1944La Vacquerie
Pte G. Meadows30/07/1944La Vacquerie
Pte H. Owen30/07/1944La Vacquerie
Pte H. Taylor30/07/1944La Vacquerie
Pte I. Bowen30/07/1944La Vacquerie
Pte J. Ford30/07/1944La Vacquerie
Pte J. Hill30/07/1944La Vacquerie
Pte J. Pouncett30/07/1944La Vacquerie
Pte J. Snowzell30/07/1944La Vacquerie
Pte L. Oliver30/07/1944La Vacquerie
Pte R. Ansell30/07/1944La Vacquerie
Pte R. Goodman30/07/1944La Vacquerie
Pte S. Hancock30/07/1944La Vacquerie
Pte S. Phillips30/07/1944La Vacquerie
Pte W. Dodd30/07/1944La Vacquerie
Sjt R. Millward30/07/1944La Vacquerie
Cpl J. Harding31/07/1944La Vacquerie
Pte B. Poole31/07/1944La Vacquerie
Pte S. Cartwright31/07/1944La Vacquerie
Pte J. Amphlett04/08/1944La Biste
Pte. F Ankers05/08/1944La Biste
Pte W. Finnikin06/08/1944La Biste
Cpl H. Williams09/08/1944Presles
Pte A. Sharpin09/08/1944Presles
Pte G. Farmer11/08/1944Le Bas Perrier
Cpl A. Doughton15/08/1944Le Thiel
L/Cpl A. Hands15/08/1944Le Thiel
L/Cpl G. Husbands15/08/1944Le Thiel
L/Cpl L. Worton15/08/1944Le Thiel
Pte B. Pope15/08/1944Le Thiel
Pte F. Cutting15/08/1944Le Thiel
Pte S. Powell15/08/1944Le Thiel
Pte W. Lewis15/08/1944Le Thiel
Pte A. Waythe18/08/1944Ecouche
Pte E. Davies (70)18/08/1944Ecouche
Pte E. Davies (82)18/08/1944Ecouche
Pte H. Jones18/08/1944Ecouche
Pte J. Plant18/08/1944Encouche
Pte D. Jeffs04/09/1944Hechtel
Pte E. Morris07/09/1944Antwerp
Capt O.T. Bulmer09/09/1944Helchteren
Cpl E. Marks09/09/1944Helchteren
L/Cpl J. Jones09/09/1944Helchteren
Lt F. Creamer09/09/1944Helchteren
Pte A Robinson09/09/1944Helchteren
Pte A. Tye09/09/1944Helchteren
Pte D. Howard09/09/1944Helchteren
Pte W. Davies09/09/1944Helchteren
L/Cpl J. Langley10/09/1944Hechtel
L/Sjt W. Derry10/09/1944Hechtel
Lt W. Kotchapaw10/09/1944Hechtel
Pte A. Tranter10/09/1944Hechtel
Pte B Stevens10/09/1944Hechtel
Pte F. Hemberey10/09/1944Hechtel
Pte S. Blount10/09/1944Hechtel
Pte W. Cattell10/09/1944Helchteren
Sjt G. Hunt10/09/1944Hechtel
Cpl W. Lloyd20/09/1944Leende
Pte F. Jones20/09/1944Leende
Cpl A. Burgess21/09/1944Zomeren
Cpl H. Lucas21/09/1944Zomeren
Cpt T. Nicks21/09/1944Zomeren
L/Cpl W. Holland21/09/1944Zomeren
Pte E. Fowkes21/09/1944Zomeren
Pte F. Littler21/09/1944Zomeren
Pte G. Bickerton21/09/1944Zomeren
Pte H. Moses21/09/1944Zomeren
Pte J. Wisedale21/09/1944Zomeren
Pte M. Gray21/09/1944Zomeren
Pte W. Barrows21/09/1944Zomeren
Pte W. John21/09/1944Zomeren
Pte W. Stennett21/09/1944Zomeren
Pte W. Summers21/09/1944Zomeren
Pte W. Todd21/09/1944Zomeren
Sjt F. Tomkins21/09/1944Zomeren
Cpl H. Price22/09/1944Asten
L/Cpl F. Smith22/09/1944Asten
Pte E. Bedford22/09/1944Asten
Pte F. Mellor22/09/1944Asten
Pte G. Tedstone22/09/1944Asten
Pte I Wycherley22/09/1944Asten
Pte R. Merchant09/10/1944Overloon
Pte F. Gee11/10/1944Overloon
Pte J. Farmer11/10/1944Overloon
Cpl S. Lightfoot12/10/1944Overloon
Pte W. Jones12/10/1944Overloon
Pte W. Sparkes12/10/1944Overloon
Cpl S. Bailes17/10/1944Ijsselstein
Cpl T. Lord17/10/1944Ijsselstein
L/Cpl J Sidwell17/10/1944Ijsselstein
L/Sjt D. Wale17/10/1944Ijsselstein
Pte A. Hill17/10/1944Ijsselstein
Pte A. Peck17/10/1944Ijsselstein
Pte J. Allott17/10/1944Ijsselstein
Pte R. Gastree17/10/1944Ijsselstein
Pte R. Saunders17/10/1944Ijsselstein
Pte V. Donovan17/10/1944Ijsselstein
Sjt A. Nicholls17/10/1944Ijsselstein
Cpl R. Gregson18/10/1944Veulen
Pte E. Penn18/10/1944Veulen
Sjt B. Shotton18/10/1944Veulen
Pte D. Knight21/10/1944Veulen
CQMS J. French22/10/1944Veulen
Pte G. Price22/10/1944Veulen
Pte H. Phillips27/10/1944Veulen
Pte W. Carden31/10/1944Griendtsveen
Pte H. Edwards09/12/1944Grubbenvorst
Pte S. Loombe25/01/1945Heel
Cpl M. Leader27/02/1945Udem
L/Cpl A. Whalley27/02/1945Udem
L/Cpl W. Wise27/02/1945Udem
Pte C. Wright27/02/1945Udem
Pte D. Walters27/02/1945Udem
Pte F. Glossop27/02/1945Udem
Pte P. Aherne27/02/1945Udem
Pte W. Cooper27/02/1945Udem
Pte W. Fantham27/02/1945Udem
Sjt W. King27/02/1945Udem
Pte J. Whittle28/02/1945Udem
Pte W. Fowles28/02/1945Udem
Cpl H. Wilkins01/03/1945Kervenheim
Cpl J Stewart01/03/1945Kervenheim
Pte A. Rider01/03/1945Kervenheim
Pte G. Palmer01/03/1945Kervenheim
Pte R. Holloway01/03/1945Kervenheim
Pte S. Chapman01/03/1945Kervenheim
Pte A. Hutton02/03/1945Kervenheim
Pte G. Bowkett02/03/1945Kervenheim
Pte J. Roy02/03/1945Kervenheim
Pte J. Sheppard02/03/1945Kervenheim
Pte P. Hughes02/03/1945Kervenheim
Pte R. Hollyman02/03/1945Kervenheim
Pte R. Turner02/03/1945Kervenheim
Cpl H. Cole01/04/1945Birghte
Cpl J. Young01/04/1945Birghte
L/Cpl J. Longdon01/04/1945Birghte
L/Cpl L. Redstone01/04/1945Birghte
L/Cpl T. Foster01/04/1945Birghte
Lt G. Hopkinson01/04/1945Birghte
Lte A. J. Spittall01/04/1945Birghte
Pte C. Onions01/04/1945Birghte
Pte D. Judd01/04/1945Birghte
Pte F. Carpenter01/04/1945Birghte
Pte G. Chapman01/04/1945Birghte
Pte J. Maloney01/04/1945Birghte
Pte K. Dowler01/04/1945Birghte
Pte L. Dagenhard01/04/1945Birghte
Pte L. Marshall01/04/1945Birghte
Pte R. Portch01/04/1945Birghte
Pte S. Mitchell01/04/1945Birghte
Pte W. Smith01/04/1945Birghte
Pte W. Sullens01/04/1945Birghte
Pte. C Anstey01/04/1945Birghte
Sjt L. Raines, MM01/04/1945Birghte
Pte C. Holdnall06/04/1945Schlusselburg
Pte J. Bushell06/04/1945Schlusselburg
Pte J. Haylor08/04/1945Mandelsloh
2/Lt T. Hancock10/04/1945Grindau
Pte A. Cumming10/04/1945Grindau
Pte C. Richardson10/04/1945Grindau
Pte G. Sealey10/04/1945Grindau
Pte R. Hewins10/04/1945Schwarmstedt
Pte W. Hopkins10/04/1945Schwarmstedt
Cpl J. Dooley14/04/1945Winsen
Pte C. Francis14/04/1945Winsen
Pte D. Pepall14/04/1945Winsen
L/Cpl J. McDermott15/04/1945Muden
Pte S. Howard15/04/1945Muden
Pte J. Powis16/04/1945Brambostel
L/Cpl P. Gurnett17/04/1945Eimke
Pte C. Clarke17/04/1945Eimke
Pte J. Bennell17/04/1945Eimke
Pte J. Clayden17/04/1945Eimke
Pte S. Jordon17/04/1945Eimke
Pte W. Hill19/04/1945Ebstorf
Pte W. Townend19/04/1945Ebstorf
Pte J. Enright20/04/1945Winsen
Pte J. Panter21/04/1945Winsen
Cpl S. Buttifant01/05/1945Havekost
Pte G. Bailess01/05/1945Havekost
Pte G. Bower01/05/1945Havekost

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