Just A Walk In The Sun

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Bob Price is a remarkable man. He would not say he was, but he is. Quietly spoken, self effacing and always keen to underplay his actions, nevertheless Bob is a man worthy of remark. A real Black Country chap, Bob epitomises all the finest qualities of the Black Country working Mon. He is loyal to his pals, a dogged fighter, a determined opponent, a generous giver, a modest feller and most of all, a brave bloke who was ready to give his all for his people and his country.

So what makes Bob stand out from all those other Black Country men who share his qualities? Simple, he has written it all down. He has taken up the pen to record his experiences as a foot soldier during the allied invasion of Europe. As Bob points out, many accounts have been written of this massive operation but most are from the perspective of high ranking officers. Important as they are, such accounts do not tell of the experiences, the thoughts and the emotions of the infantry soldier, the one that had to take and hold the ground after all the shelling and bombing.

I have been fortunate enough to meet Bob and to come to know him a little. I interviewed him on my BBC WM show and was deeply effected by his soft words that were as powerful in evoking the horror, fright, tension and excitement of war as any that may have been spoken more loudly. Having read Just A Walk In The Sun I find myself as impressed with the power of Bob's writing. Not for him hyperbole or boastfulness, but rather almost a matter-of-fact style that is the more successful in bringing across to the reader the events of 1944 and 1945; and Bob’s feelings.

Bob's title is a tribute to one of his platoon sergeants. Each morning someone would always ask, ‘what are we doing today, Serg?’ Often he would reply, ‘Oh just a walk in the Sun.’ Sadly that sergeant was killed, but his memory will live on through Bob’s words and so too will the memories of all those other foot soldiers who slogged and stomped, battled and fought across France and into Germany. Read Bob’s book and know why we must remember, why we must never forget. We shall remember.

Dr Carl Chinn MBE

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Just a Walk in the Sun
Just a Walk in the Sun
By Robert Stanley Price
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